Photos by Ken West Photography and Ashley Thompson Photography

Pinnacle Springs i and pinnacle springs ii

Rogers, Arkansas

LEED Certified (expected)

Approximately 13,000 square feet, Pinnacle Springs I is a split-level, mixed-use building that houses multiple offices and a patio that functions as a tap room for a local brewery. The two-story building is built into a hillside, which allows each floor to be at ground level. The design consists of two large rectangular volumes, one clad in cypress wood siding and the other in lapped metal siding. The two intersect in a simple perpendicular fashion. The two solid volumes comprise the second floor, which are elevated above and cantilever from, an almost entirely glass first floor. The metal volume cantilevers 24 feet above the downhill slope of the site and looks southwest toward a spring-fed pond and the I-49 corridor beyond. The subtle nature of the materials and simple geometry allow the building to seamlessly integrate into the site, while providing elevated views of the busy streetscape below. Every effort was made to preserve the natural beauty of the hillside, while meeting the programmatic requirements. Some of the trees that had to be removed were shipped to a local sawmill where they were milled into tongue and groove siding, which now enclose the lobby on the first floor. Other sustainable measures including: improved energy performance, recycled building materials and habitat protection, are allowing the project to seek LEED certification.

Pinnacle Springs II, currently occupied by Collective Bias and Lentz Company, is the other half of the mutually complimentary buildings. The structure consists of three levels and is approximately 15,600 square feet. The material pallet and architecture of the building closely relate to building one, creating a consistent aesthetic. Both buildings blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings while subtly expressing modern form.